K40 Laser table

I’ve seen hundreds of different K40 table projects: adjustable, non-adjustable, 3d printed, welded, improvised, motorized etc. I just wanted a bed easy to adjust every few days, stable and attached to gantry rather than to wobbly bottom. Here we go: few aluminium extruded profiles, 4x M6 screws, 4 springs and I have a bed that does what and how I need. I can remove slats and only leave them where support is needed – that allows me to have clean, tidy cuts.

2 thoughts on “K40 Laser table”

  1. Hey just wanted to say awesome job on your K40 mods! I am thinking of duplicating your bed design which I think is great. One question, how do you make sure all 4 corners are adjusted to the correct height when adjusting?

    1. Hi Dennis, I use pre-cut measure. I just slide it under the laser head in the corners and in the middle of the table to make sure adjustment is right. I have adjustable head now, but still no time to install it.

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