K40 Laser Update 1

Firstly, I have added rubber grommets to every hole that passes cables or water hoses. Sorry, Chinese engineers, you just can’t put the cables thru unsecured hole in sheet metal and hope that isolation won’t fail or the hose won’t tear apart after some time. Next thing – added killswitch and keyswitch: killswitch switches off everything, including rear 240V sockets, while keyswitch operates the laser and adds a bit more security to the device. While at it, replaced all 240V wiring too. I have replaced 240V case fan that was blowing like cat’s fart, with 12V 90mm case fan – cheap, but it actually works. Also moved Laser’s PSU closer to air intake, making space for 12V PSU that powers forementioned vent and will power smoke vent, water pump, mechanised table  and Arduino.

K40 Imperial (Laser) Cutter

It’s funny how weird things are possible to buy (new, unused) nowadays. For example very popular, cheap, Chinese laser cutter: K40. Available in many prices and variations. The one I was able to get was pretty surprising: rusty, corroded parts, corroded, teared screws and nuts, welding job done with one electrode for 16 lasers at least, innovative (and probably illegal) wiring, sending both live and neutral via the wires of the same colour, etc… The sheet(or rather shit)metal enclosure is developed with all the rules of Feng-Shui: open, unwelded panels are generating all kind of noises. No angle is straight.  But…

For the price it makes very good platform to get your hands burned. It allows to invent new purposes for all that dusty Arduinos laying at the bottom of the drawer. You can finally find purpose for all the 1-wire sensors, stepping motor controllers, displays, and whatever tells well known “I need it for later use” story. Firstly, some pictures at the start. I will post updates.