K40 Laser – The beast is alive

Finally I have finished most of my K40 mods. The plan is mostly realised. We have

  • Proper wiring, key switch, kill switch
  • 12V adjustable speed bilge fan for smoke exhaust
  • 12V water pump
  • 12V internal LED light
  • LED laser pointer
  • Air assist with adjustable air flow rate
  • Water flow senor (disables laser if flow rate too low)
  • Water temperature sensor (disables laser if temp too high)
  • Water level sensor (because water tank is black opaque to prevent algae growth)
  • PSU compartment temperature sensor
  • Lid open sensor (disables laser when open)
  • Digital percentage and current display for laser power setting
  • High flow case fan for PSU compartment

Mechanised adjustable bed still needs to be done. I’ve seen few projects and didn’t like them very much. In free time (free time?) I’ll design my own adjustable, powered bed. Now it’s time to cut and engrave!

That’s how it works:

Parts and sources of the parts:

  • 12V bilge fan: eBay
  • PWM regulator for bilge fan: eBay
  • 12V Water pump: eBay
  • Water Level Sensor: eBay
  • Flow rate sensor: eBay
  • Selenoid air valve: eBay

I’m not going to provide sources for Arduino, displays, switches, relays, etc. Mainly because anybody able to make such modification, already knows where to find them. And if you are not familiar with it – don’t do it.

This is advanced mod, it requires some skills and knowledge. Don’t do it at home if you think you will have to ask me how to do it.


4 thoughts on “K40 Laser – The beast is alive”

  1. Hey Chris,

    I like your layout of the control panel very much.
    At the moment I try to buy all the stuff for such a control panel but I can’t find the switches which you used.
    There are only round switches with round led or rectangle switches which light up the whole switch.
    Can you tell me where you got them or what kind of buzzword do I need to find such nice switches?

  2. So you’re gonna post a mod, a cool one BTW, but you’re gonna pull the “don’t do this if you need my help” bull crap. I get it, you’re smart. Kudos. I think thats what you’re looking for with this post, since it’s painfully clear that you have no interest in helping others realize what you’ve created. So thanks I guess, for nothing.

    1. Hi Keith. It’s not about being smart, it’s about being extremely busy. I have my regular job, family, and very littile time to do any other stuff. I just have no time to explain how to install Arduino IDE, drivers, how to solder or crimp wires, how to design items for 3d printing etc. There’s a lot of step-by-step instructions on Instructables, I have no time to make tutorials. If I’ve inspired you to do a little research and mod your K40, great. If all you feel is that I have no interest in helping others, whatever. Just check how often the updates are being posted on this site, that’s about how much time I can spend on this.

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