What a crazy month it was!

COVID-19, lack of PPE, 3D Printing Movement. You all probably know about the shortage of PPE for NHS and care workers. But not all of you know, that this caused probably first, global, geeky 3d printing revolution. Some companies, including 3d printer maker: Prusa, have decided to design, test and 3d print face protection, parts for ventilators, etc. As I own 3d printers, I have joined the movement nearly month ago. First, with 3dcrowd.uk – printing Prusa RC3 mask frames, then with MK Maker Space, printing N3DPS model V6, and lately model V7. To use all the short remains of the filaments, I’m also printing “Ear Savers” for people who have to wear face masks all day long. And there are thousand people like me, printing and delivering thousands of PPE items every day since it started. It really rises a hope for future of the humanity 😉

Until today, I have printed nearly 450 face protection frames and over 200 Ear Savers. It wouldn’t be possible without massive support I have received thru my GoFundme campaign. My income (my family’s income as well) was greatly reduced since the start of the COVID-19 pandemy. I’d have a lot of time due to reduced work hours, but no means to buy filaments or fix really hard working 3d printers. So, big Thank You to all my supporters! I’m not stopping printing for as long as there’s demand. You can still support me if you wish to.